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today’s yum!

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“toothsome” (chefspeak for tough as leather) but awesome!!

I modified recipes from veganomicon for the cream sauce and the cutlets– basically made the chickpea cutlets with lentils instead of chickpeas and thai-inspired seasonings (lime, coconut milk, sriracha) plus curry powder and green onions, (cutlets are not at all gluten-free friendly, sorry GF friends!!) and then mixed the lentil “slurry” with a horseradhish dill “sour cream” sauce (fresh-grated horseradish, dill, garlic-infused olive oil, and –surprise element!– pureed tofu!) –I put the cutlets on top of fresh-grown radish sprouts and mixed spring greens, and topped the cutlets with grated carrots and grated beets.
Since I baked the cutlet last night and reheated it today, it had a tough texture but that made it kinda’ fun to eat.
Lots to chew.
Lots to taste.
Lots of yum!!

(picture will be edited in, once I figure out how to paste in instagram photos…) (<—–and a sidenote to that– I couldn’t figure out how to get instagram into my images, or how to post instagram images.  even as I managed to get the image onto pinterest…something I’ve not yet figured out how to do with my other images…   so what’d I do?  I took an old-school, with-camer-not-phone, digital picture of my meal as it was on my computer screen… et, voila!  there it sits, for all our viewing pleasure…)