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everything’s different, but everything’s the same…

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A long time ago I had an online journal at, and the haphazard perfectionist was always in the title. The words were intended to reflect my dual personality–I’m kinda’ fly-by-the-seat-of-my-pants, and yet I’m also kinda’ perfectionistic.

So now here I am, still the same person:  still (again) battling my weight demons, still having fun dorking around with home-y stuff (although the house has changed), still at school (although now it’s a grad school program for School Psychology), and still loving my “mom” title (although the kid needs me slightly less as a ten year-old than she did as a toddler and preschooler, and the three dogs that call me that are totally different than the two we had when I first started journaling.)

I’m a different person, though, too: I have lost my father, two jobs, and a career identity that I loved.  And I’ve become physically old– I have more than 7 gray hairs, screwed up knees from a ski accident, screwed up wrists from too much homemaking when we bought this house, screwed up feet from poor footwear and the strain of extra poundage, as well as seasonal allergies and asthma, for the first time in my life (who gets the last two maladies in their 43rd year?  That’s just not right!).  In an effort to regain my “youthful vigor” (or at least to resemble a person my age) I have been consulting with a fabulous deity named Jocelyn Dubin of a swell yoga/healing studio called Nourish in Santa Cruz.  She has clued me in to all kinds of healthy foods and a new (old) way of eating that has always intrigued me: veganism.

This blog will be semi-regular dispatches from my world, in the same not-black-and-white, and never perfect style as my Haphazard Perfectionist journaling.  I hope to grow as a vegan, to share recipes and strategies and body changes as they occur (already I’ve felt shifts in energy and vitality) and track my progress as I begin to exercise more (I’ll share wod-s, if I do ’em, Pilates workouts, and  walk/run routes, when I do ’em).  I also hope to share education bits (rants about stress?) as well as craft projects, inspiration from inside and outside Tacoma (the city I love), travel plans and pics, and some images from most of the above…

Happy reading, and thanks for coming on this journey with me!



About jcbetty

I am a Tacoma-dwelling community- and friendship-thriving, occasionally crafting, infrequently exercising woman of indeterminate age. I coexist with my teenaged daughter (whom I share with her father, not in the same house) and doggos Poppy and Jackson.

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  1. Yay! Love that you’re getting back into writing to the world. I’ve always enjoyed reading your work (you are rather entertaining), and will be stalking this site regularly 🙂


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